New Haven Colleges and Universities

New Haven, a fantastic New England college town, is a coastal city in southern Connecticut, roughly 80 miles from New York City. Claimed to be the home of the hamburger, New Haven is known for its local cuisine, which ranges from legendary pizza joints to the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the country. Much of the local culture is influenced by the presence of students at New Haven colleges and universities, who draw musical, theatrical, and artistic performances to the city's numerous venues.

Among New Haven's colleges and universities, the most well known is undoubtedly Yale University. Yale is the largest employer in the city and is home to over 5,000 undergraduates. Yale's extensive network of academic and cultural resources make a broad impact in the community of New Haven, and many Yale students are involved in community-based projects that benefit local residents. New Haven colleges and universities may well be the defining characteristic of the city, which provides many opportunities for young people to explore and learn.

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Medium Schools

Gateway Community College
Southern Connecticut State University
Yale University

Small Schools

Yale-New Haven Hospital Dietetic Internship
Albertus Magnus College