Davenport Colleges and Universities

The Mississippi River provides the backdrop for Davenport, Iowa, a city of nearly 100,000 residents. Davenport colleges and universities offer students a choice between focused vocational training and a liberal arts education, all within a city with a vibrant jazz and blues festival. Davenport's status within the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois means that students may be found attending weekend Quad City Symphony performances and other local events.

Students of Davenport colleges and universities benefit from the city's status as a Quad City. The Palmer College of Chiropractic was founded by the first practitioner of chiropractic medicine and is the oldest chiropractic school in the nation. Alumni of Palmer College make up a third of chiropractors in practice worldwide. Students looking for a small liberal arts community among Davenport colleges and universities should consider Saint Ambrose University.

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Large Schools

Kaplan University-Davenport Campus

Medium Schools

Eastern Iowa Community College District

Small Schools

Hamilton Technical College
Palmer College of Chiropractic
Saint Ambrose University
Capri College-Davenport
La James International College-Davenport