Flint Colleges and Universities

Flint, Michigan has made a dramatic comeback since its starring role as the victim of the failing auto industry in Michael Moore's film Roger and Me. The closure of local GM factories took a toll on the local economy, forcing the 'Vehicle City' to find a new identity. It has since reinvented itself as a favorable environment for commercial development--and for Flint colleges and universities. In an effort to build Flint's identity as a college town, the city has conducted extensive renovations and landscaping along the "University Corridor," linking Flint's colleges and universities.

Currently there are four Flint colleges and universities: the University of Michigan at Flint, Kettering University, Baker College, and Mott Community College. All but Mott Community College have expanded their on-campus housing. Between the cultural institutions established during the 1950s automotive boom and the new revitalization efforts, Flint, Michigan is coming into its own as a higher education center.

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Large Schools

Baker College

Medium Schools

Mott Community College
University of Michigan-Flint

Small Schools

Flint Institute of Barbering Inc
Kettering University
Baker College Center for Graduate Studies
Ross Medical Education Center-Flint
Regency Beauty Institute-Flint