Green Bay Colleges and Universities

Green Bay, Wisconsin is well known to fans of the football team the Packers, based here since 1919. But other lures in the city include the National Railroad Museum, arboretums, zoos, and botanical gardens.

Traditionally known as a meatpacking and paper-making city, Green Bay, Wisconsin has come into its own as a place for students. Green Bay colleges and universities include campuses of Rasmussen College and ITT Technical Institute, as well as University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. This school lacks a football team, perhaps in deference to the Packers, but the women's basketball team is award-winning. For technical and career training at Green Bay colleges and universities, the Wisconsin College of Cosmetology and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College provide opportunities to earn a license or certificate in record time.

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Medium Schools

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Small Schools

Bellin College
Rasmussen College-Wisconsin
House of Heavilin Beauty College-Academy of Beauty Professionals
ITT Technical Institute-Green Bay
Globe University?Green Bay
DeVry University-Wisconsin