Madison Colleges and Universities

Madison, Wisconsin, the state's capital city, is also its second largest. Madison residents are politically left-leaning, in part thanks to the magazine The Progressive, which has been published in this city since 1909. Much of the population is drawn to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and many graduates still live in the city, as proven by a very high percentage of residents with Ph.D. degrees. A number of technology and software companies employ graduates of Madison colleges and universities.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, with more than 40,000 students, is responsible for a great part of the city's employment and activity. Sports teams in hockey, basketball, and football have competed at national levels. Students at Madison colleges and universities are politically involved as well; a number of protests against the Vietnam War occurred here in the 1960s. UW-Madison students can earn degrees in law, engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine, journalism, and environmental studies.

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Large Schools

Madison Area Technical College
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Medium Schools

University of Wisconsin Colleges

Small Schools

North Florida Community College
Drew University
Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham Campus
Dakota State University
Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia Inc
Nashville College of Medical Careers
Edgewood College
University of Wisconsin-System Administration
University of Wisconsin Extension
Madison Media Institute
Nossi College of Art
Volunteer Beauty Academy-System Office
ITT Technical Institute-Madison
Herzing University-Madison
Volunteer Beauty Academy-Madison
Paul Mitchell the School-Huntsville
Globe University-Madison East
Nashville Barber and Style Academy
East-West Healing Arts Institute
Paul Mitchell the School-Madison
Aveda Institute-Madison
House of Heavilin Beauty College-Academy of Beauty Professionals
Regency Beauty Institute-Madison
ITT Technical Institute-Madison
ITT Technical Institute-Madison
Regency Beauty Institute-North Nashville