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If you're yearning to experience small college town living or a city seeped in history-particularly the true Wild West-consider Laramie, Wyoming. Born in the 1860s as a tent city on a stagecoach route, Laramie has come a long way. One draw is the geological museum at the University of Wyoming, with more than 50,000 exhibits of stones, rocks, ore, and fossils. These types of cultural and education offerings make Laramie a top-notch college town.

Laramie colleges and universities include the University of Wyoming, specializing in the study of agriculture, energy, geology and other natural sciences. Students can earn bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees at this Laramie university. Thanks to its natural setting, the schools emphasizing earth-based sciences like petroleum and atmospheric engineering are unique and intensive. Students at UW in Laramie can expect a vibrant student life with a popular Greek system of fraternities and sororities, speech and debate teams, and the touring group the Centennial Singers.

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